You have choosen to make vacation a priority in your life. Now lets turn your vacation ownership into an investment. Trust the most respected vacation ownership company in the industry to rent your weeks or resell your traditional timeshare. You have found the time, now let us help you pay for it.

Vacation Basics

Simple Definition

Vacation Ownership is buying a period of time out of a beautiful resort that you can use on an annual or biennial basis. It is a logical way to guarantee your exclusive use of accommodations for a particular period of time each or every other year.

Features and Benefits

Owning a vacation program allows you to save money on first class accommodations at exclusive and luxurious resorts worldwide. As an owner you no longer experience cramped or expensive hotel rooms. Instead you will enjoy a spacious condo unit with private bedrooms. You can also save money by utilizing the kitchens that most units offer. Most resorts have excellent accommodations, great recreational facilities, and amenities that you won't find anywhere else.

With a one-time purchase you will never need to worry about future inflation interfering with your cherished vacations. You can prepay your vacations at today's prices and enjoy years of family fun. These programs can be passed from generation to generation, creating a family legacy of your own. Vacation Ownership makes sense!